Let us share our favourite links with you. Most of the websites listed below are sites that we visit regularly and all of them are well worth a visit.

Indie game sites


Independent game reviews and previews.


Huge archive of freeware games and reviews.

Game Tunnel

Independent games reviewed.

Home of the Underdogs

Site dedicated to the preservation and promotion of underrated computer games.

Indie Gamer

Home of the biggest indie game dev forum on the net.

Reality Fakers

Game portal with indie games.

Fellow game developers

Addictive 247

Free downloads of arcade, action and puzzle games for your PC.

Arcade Lab

On a mission to revive the old arcade game feeling in modern PC games.

Atomic Pond

Fun, polished and accessible games.

Free Lunch Design

Creators of some of the greatest freeware games ever made.

Lexaloffle Games

Cute and innovative puzzle games.


Polished shareware games for both PC and Mac.

PomPom Games

Hardcore shoot-em-ups for people with itchy fingers and good reflexes.

Puppy Games

Creators of Alien Flux, a flashy shoot-em-up game which shows that Java can kick some serious butt.


Cute new versions of old game concepts.

Programming related

Daily game development news and resources.

Graphics related

Message board and galleries with some really talented members.


The worlds biggest site for fantasy/sci-fi art and fiction.

Music related

Digitally Imported

Electronic dance music with highly addictive elements.


Internet radio station dedicated to demo scene music.

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