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Pile & Pop is the perfect game for a fun break, whether it's fifteen minutes or several hours!

Lift and drop bricks to arrange them into groups, but be sure to plan ahead to set up chain reactions, trigger amazing combos and score huge points.

The gameplay is easy to learn, yet has surprisingly strategic depth which will challenge you and reward quick and clever thinking.

The game features two different modes of play and three difficulty levels, making it ideal for both the novice and the gamer. No matter if you play for fun and collect trophies or fight your way into the highscore tables - Pile & Pop will keep you entertained.

With highly addictive gameplay, colorful graphics and catchy music you will have a really fun time with this game!


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Pile & Pop screenshot Pile & Pop screenshot Pile & Pop screenshot


Fun and casual color-matching gameplay for all ages.

Two different modes of play - test your reflexes or your brains.

All modes have three difficulty levels to fit both beginners and experienced players.

Many special bricks and powerups to create amazing combos.

Quit at any time and continue exactly where you left off the next time you run the game.

Full version benefits

Unrestricted play - enjoy the game without any limitations.

No more nag popups that try to persuade you to buy the game.

Get a chance to collect all the trophies.

Instant download gives you the full game within minutes.

Requirements for Windows version:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

DirectX 8.0

Direct3D compatible video card

500 MHz processor

Requirements for MacOS X version:

MacOS X 10.2

500 MHz processor

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